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You know, to feel confident and genuinely excited about the work you produce? I want to spend the day with you. YES YOU, the creative soul who's looking for more. I wanna sit down with ya and share about the systems I've created in my personal life and business to produce consistency & stay true to my style while shooting, posing, and editing! Let's take a trip down my own memory lane, and GET REAL about the "Humble Beginnings" that lead me here. Glamorous? no, but I sure am proud of them. I mean...if 15 year old babyface Hans could turn her side hobby into her dream job then I believe you sure as heck can too!!

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+ her mission 

 To cultivate a space for likeminded creatives to build community and friendship, and to provide a space where you leave better than you came. I want to encourage others to be exactly who they were created to be, to have a renewed confidence in their work, and to chase after their God given calling + have the tools they need to do so!

You are ready to learn how to create portraits that tell stories. To identify who your ideal clients are, and how the heck to reach them! Bootcamper's come from all different walks of life...from teenagers to young mothers and everything in between. Maybe you're in the first few years of your business or you are entertaining the thought of starting one soon? or maybe you're not looking to start a photography business but rather you're interested in learning how to take & edit photos for your personal life! From my shooting approach, making the most of every portrait locations, my go-to gear/apps and more! the Photo Bootcamp experience is handcrafted to meet you where you're at, serve you with practical next steps to propel you forward and overall leave you feeling more confident in your craft..

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what it's all about

I want you to leave Leaning into your creativity, confident in your craft and encouraged to tell your story authentically.

Searching for authentic community with like minded creatives? BEEN THERE. walking this journey alone can be so LONELY without a creative community beside ya. Something I felt so strongly about when starting the Photo Bootcamp was cultivating a space that unites us together, a home where all creative hearts are welcome and the friendships that are born here far outlast the day.  Since nobody seems to stay a stranger here for long, end of the day goodbyes feel a like saying goodbye to summer camp friends! It's a family bond like none other and I love that the end of this day is really just the beginning of this journey -- we've created a VIP Bootcamp Alumni FB group that is an encouraging and uplifting space to be apart of so the community doesn't have to stop at the end of the day!  

- a home for creative hearts-


I want you to leave Leaning into your creativity, confident in your craft and encouraged to tell your story authentically.

The world needs you to SHOW UP and to be who you were created to be in it's fullest express!  I get so excited to teach on personal branding + WHY it works, because the truth is: a million other people can do what you do, but they can’t do it like YOU and I'm here to teach you how you can lead with your personality because that is what is going to set you apart at the end of the day. 

your story

what it's all about

I want you to leave Leaning into your creativity, confident in your craft and encouraged to tell your story authentically.

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+ step into a live shoot with hannah, learn how she INTERACTs WITH CLIENTS, & leads them with prompts that result in true genuine images


+the wonderful thing about the design of this shoot is you're able to participate completely at your own pace & put into practice exactly what you've learned throughout the day to leave with photos you're excited about!

Let's do something a little wild!!! I want to teach you my full editing approach for creamy sunshine bright images, sharing what I do from start to finish! you will get to see my RAW straight-out-of-camera images and learn my FULL breakdown & editing workflow in Lightroom! I'm so excited to spill my favorite tips + tricks with you!

business basics

This is the stuff I wish I knew + had access to from day one when I was just getting started at age 15. The strategy & tools I full heartedly believe in and have used personally in my business.

What to expect!

Are you finding yourself in a rut at shoots? Like "how on earth do I get my clients to feel comfortable and for that to SHOW in their images?!"  this portion of the day is always most exciting and I can't wait for all the lightbulb moments to come :) Not only will you get to see how I work with my couples during a live session, but you will also get to jump in and practice all the tips & tricks you've learned throughout the day on how to avoid stiff posing and capture true genuine photos. Together we will work on strengthening your portrait game so that you can walk away from our time together feeling refreshed with a new kick-butt portfolio + ready to tackle your next shoot with confidence!

live shoot-out




light + airy edits

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Questions + Answers


MY Home at Smith pond, just minutes away from Reston Town Center & the local metro station

Saturday October 19th, 2019

This event is for the adventurous soul boss babe (& boy) embarking on their photography journey.  To keep this day intimate & relational the Bootcamp experience is capped at 7 photographers






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Bootcamp includes 4 hours of hands on teaching covering topics like: personal branding, social media, light & airy editing hacks, and how to build a portfolio that  finds those ideal clients you've been trying so desperately to reach!!   Education for blossoming photographers is now more accessible than ever with tickets as low as $329. What's CRAZIER is if you signed up for the email newsletter & are a part of the early bird attendees special, your discount code brings it as low as $229 (that's right! $100 off for simply being awesome)

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 well it's hans so you *know* there will be coffee

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"There was an immediate, palpable sense of warmth & community, not just from Hannah but from the other girls as well, because Hannah created a space for it to thrive. She is so full of heart and happiness & genuinely finds joy in helping others succeed. I loved chatting with the other girls who were there and getting to know their stories a little bit and hearing what methods of client interaction, business tools, & gear that worked or didn't work for each of us."

- Amanda

"I am SO thankful to have been a part of The Photo Bootcamp experience. I learned so much about starting my own photography business, posing, editing, and creating an extraordinary client experience. Hannah was so amazing throughout the entire day. Her heart is so pure and passionate about her business. She was not only a great teacher but a great friend! I would highly recommend The Photo Bootcamp experience for anyone who dreams of starting their own photography business. This experience has given me the confidence and the information to take my first steps into the photography world!"

- Kayla

"Oh my goodness where do I even start?? PHOTO BOOT CAMP WAS AMAZING!!!! Hannah by far was one of the best instructors I have ever learned from. Her heart and passion for photography is absolutely beautiful! She cares so much about each and every one of her clients and students!! Her heart for God really is inspiring and so many grow and learn from her which is an absolute beautiful gift and trait to have. I would 11/10 recommend the photo boot camp if you want to learn so much and have a great time while doing it! Not only did I get to learn new tips and tricks, I also took home a new group of friends!! What a win win!! Thank you Hannah so much!!"

- annie

"Let me tell you if you are wondering if Hannah is as precious as she is in her feed and stories, she is and more! This beautiful girl is filled with love and heart and joy and enthusiasm and is one of the cutest most genuine people I have ever met. She invited us into her lovely, warm home and loved on us all afternoon. Her fingerprints were in all the details, from our favorite Starbucks order waiting for us, to donuts and an amazing lunch to journals beautifully hand printed with our names on them and a bag filled with goodies! Then she shared her photography journey and knowledge and tricks of the trade with warmth and humor and intelligence. Thank you Hannah for a wonderful afternoon! 10 out of 10 would recommend!"

- nicole

"Boy oh boy where do I even start. Hannah is so authentic and loving and kind and has a huge heart. The girl you see on IG is her in real life, but even better because you can hug her in person. She’s encouraging and thoughtful about the details. She really shines in the Bootcamp! I left feeling excited and recharged.”

- Alexis

"Hannah is the kindest most joyful soul you will ever meet. She pours her heart into her work and learning from her was such an amazing experience. Not only did I walk away with all the tools I needed to succeed I gained the confidence to start my own business. 10/10 would recommend!”

- Gabbie

"Hannah is the real deal! She is not only extremely talented at what she does, she is also authentic and generous on top of that, qualities that are often hard to find in the photography industry. Attending The Photo Bootcamp taught me so much regarding business, shooting, and editing. I am seriously so thankful I got to attend and learn from Hannah!"

- Alexa

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While this event is designed specifically for photographers, any creative business owner is welcome to join us!


Absolutely! We would love to have you join us & gain foundational knowledge to kickstart your business whenever you do make the leap!


Washington Dulles International (IAD) is less than 10 miles from bootcamp, and there is also a Reston Metro Station close by if you to fly in from Ronald Reagan International (DC)


The core topics we will be covering will stay the same: i.e. culling & editing how-to's, the art of natural posing where campers (attendees) get a first look at how I shoot and interact with clients and then shooting time where they get the opportunity to build portfolio images too! on top of that, Bootcamp round 4 will be covering some fresh new content, like Instagram 101 where we will dive into all things Hashtags, IG stories, apps I love for editing and keeping a cohesive feed + more! I'd be honored to have you back!!!


Reston is an incredible area with tons of food spots, fun shops found in the town center (RTC) and many more options throughout the Reston/Herndon area! There are a handful of great hotel options: SpringHill Suites by Marriot Herndon/Reston, Hilton Washington Dulles. Both are under 10 miles from Bootcamp! If you are under the age of 18 and traveling without a parent do make sure to check on the Hotels policy for check-in, as all hotels have different age requirements. AirBNB's can also be a great option! Some of our local favorite eats in town: HoneyGrow, CAVA, The Counter Burger, Bar Taco, Coopers Hawk, Duck Donuts, Pitango Gelato and many many more <3